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The Mission of BlueDiamondBreeding is to provide the highest quality companion labradors with exceptional temperament to become service or therapy dogs for individuals with disabilities, United States Veterans and children.

We now have a Rhode Island Breeding Partner. What this means is we share dogs, which means many of our dogs are homed in Rhode Island.  As you know, most good breeders do not have both parents on site.  We are no exception.  Of course, we are always happy to encourage all BlueDiamond clients to go to RI and meet the parents.


            "PIP" $1,500.00 alone  


Outlaw- 4 year old English Yellow Labrador Proven Stud $1,800 Alone

Otis- 5 year old American Silver Labrador Proven Stud $2000

The June Litter is here!
Home August 6, 2016!
3 charcoal pups; 2 male, 2 female
1 silver male - sold
1 silver female - sold
3 black females - 2 AVAILABLE
3 chocolate pups; 1 male (sold) and 1 female(available)

This is their mother - "Cocoa" When she was a puppy!

1. "Lucy" Black Female - AVAILABLE

2+ wks./old

2. "Lilo" Chocolate
Female - SOLD

"Lilo" age 2 wks. +

3. Charcoal Female "Stitch" - SOLD

"Stitch" Age 2 wks.

4. Silver Male - SOLD

"Quincy" 2+ wks./old

5. 2nd Chocolate Female - "Kisses"        AVAILABLE

2+ wks. old -

6. Charcoal Female - "Lacey"  SOLD

7. Charcoal Male - SOLD

8. Black Female - AVAILABLE

9. "Ivory" Silver Female - SOLD

10. Chocolate Male - "Blaize"  SOLD

11. Black Female - "Ebony" SOLD

12. "Milagro" Charcoal Male - 2+ wks. old -


Previous Litters:

"Truffles" 3 wks -

"Little Lucy" 

"Little Lucy" 

Black Female "Ayla" 

"Ayla" 3 wks.....

2 weeks old:

silver female (Adopted)

"Silvie" Yawning

Black Female - 

black female

Charcoal Female (Adopted)

Chocolate Female: "Cocoa" (Adopted)

"Desi" Black Male

"Ebony" Black Female  - Adopted

Silver Male - (Adopted)

"Truffles" Chocolate Male (Adopted)


2 chocolate pups

Mom resting while nursing


Dozer Jr. sleeping.....

"Silvie"  Silver Girl - Adopted

Chocolate Female - Adopted

Black Female - "Ebony" 

Silver Boy - "Dozer" - Adopted

Charcoal Female "Little Stacey"

"Little Lucy"  Black Female - Torqouise Ribbon - 

"Truffles" Chocolate Male - Adopted

"Ayla" Black Female -

Black Male - "Desi"

Last Litter:
3 females

"Charlie"  Teal Collar - SOLD
Can't figure out how he got his ear flipped back!

Waking up now!   Camo-Pink Collar - Girl,
In the foreground Green Collar, "Figgy" Male and laying down, "Charlie." 

Fergie's Silver & Charcoal puppies -
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Black Beauty (looking at camera) 

See our puppies at:

                    Valentine's Puppies!

   Here I am with my granddaughter and 2 pups!

1 Silver Male 

Brenda's Puppy - Yawning! 
3 weeks old!

Baby, Beau loves to help too!


 2 Charcoal Males -
char male 1

3 Black Females:
Little Girl #1

"Little Girl"

Little Girl #2 black Beauty"Black Beauty"

      3 weeks old (above) and 4 weeks old (below):

"Hannah"  - sweet, relaxed and gentle.

4 Black Males 
Black Lab Pup -boy

"Little Man"
a real snuggler!

Three silver-factored black males: 
from left to right -
3 black boys"Zeke"(black collar), "Rush" (Bear) and "Kisses"(charcoal chin)  

Sleepy   and....

The Gang!

Of course, our pups also make exceptional pets!


Fergie is a "silver-factored" black lab. She mated to "Rush", our champagne male.

IMG 6973
IMG 6975IMG 6979

Look for us in the September/October issue of Just Labs Magazine - We have a feature article on our "Angel!" Sign up to get a "No Obligation Issue:

Read our "Feature Story - From Clients" section (Left Menu) for labs working to help individuals who are "differently-abled."

c JanetCurcioWilson
                                      Photographed by Janet Wilson

We believe transformation occurs through relationship.  Our dogs work with everyone because we are all "differently-abled individuals."
www.BlueDiamondBreeding is the only breeding facility in New England whose founder is a certified Special Educator and Administrator.

        "Rose" is Shanna's puppy!  3 weeks old

"Brighton" is Kerry, Roy, Alec and McKenna's Boy!

Welcome, "BigBoy" - The Comfort Family Puppy!

BogBoy is over 5 lbs. already!

Gracie birthed 3 beautiful pups(all sold). Seen here from left to right: a charcoal male named, "Brighton" a silver female, named, "Rose" and a silver male, we call "Big Boy."

"Brighton," 3 days old

"Rose", 3 days old

"Big Boy", 3 days old

Gracie Tired                                         Momma Resting!

Snuggle Bunnies3"Brighton snuggling his brother "Big Boy", who is resting on "Rose."


Rose sleeping


Rose, out cold from all that milk!

Brighton resting

Rose and Big Boy:
Rose n Big Boy

Our silver, charcoal and champagne lab are now living throughout New England and farther - Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine as well as New York, Vermont, Ohio, and Nova Scotia

Previous Clients we have served
and continue to serve include:

  • The founder of

  • Parents with Special Needs Children including those with autism, failure to thrive, epilepsy, oppositional defiant disorder and many other disabilities

  • United States Veterans

Note: All of our labs are purebred labs.  There is no weimaraner in any of our labs.  Ours are DNA'd. Read Left Menu: Silver Lab Controversy. Beware of breeders who claim otherwise.

Our Philosophy is "Love is First"
View our ANGEL - left menu
Blue Diamond's Commitment to our pups - See our "Angel" silver puppy as she receives surgery to correct her gait.

NEWS ABOUT THE HUMANE SOCIETY:  Click here to read about the bogus claims made by the Humane Society against breeders.  This is truly amazing that such a previously reputable company launched false and unsubstanciated claims against breeders.  Blue Diamond used to donate to this organization is is no longer doing so.  Read this article and judge for yourself.  We recognize there are many dogs who receive care from this shelter, but there is no need to harm responsible breeders.
Did you know:

  • Labs used to live to be 20 years old???!!!!
  • That the preservatives in is directly related to dogs dying of cancer?  We feed our dogs preservative-free food.  Look at our "PUPPY CARE & ALL-STAGE DOG FOOD" page to learn more!
  • We trained Unity Pond Labradors in Weare, NH.


Miley's pups - scroll down -

Gracie's pups -
Pup #1 - Charity's Female Silver
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 044
Pup # 2 Kimberly's Silver Male
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 043Pup # 3 Becca's Big Boy

05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 041
Gracie 4-30-12 litter of 3 017Silver male, silver female, charcoal male

Ollie nursing

Gracie 4-30-12 litter of 3 007

Gracie 4-30-12 litter of 3 002Gracie hovers

5-1-12 Gracie 2012 litter of 3 006
Gracie rearranging the "nest."

Puppies sleeping

5-1-12 Gracie 2012 litter of 3 004

left to right:male silver, female silver, male charcoal

Puppy Pick - Miley's Pups - At 6 weeks old families came to pick out which pup they wanted.  It was a real joy to meet everyone!
The Families Meet their pups ......
Pup Viists 6-2-12 and Shower Sarah 001
Pup Viists 6-2-12 and Shower Sarah 005
Pup Viists 6-2-12 and Shower Sarah 003
Pup Viists 6-2-12 and Shower Sarah 016Pup Viists 6-2-12 and Shower Sarah 002

Pup # 2 Red - Charcoal Female
Pup#2 Miley

Pup #4

Pup # 3 Charcoal Female - Purple

Pup # 4 Silver Male - Black band
Pup #5
Pup # 5 Charcoal Male - Orange
Pup #6

Pup # 7  Charcoal Female - Grey "Lily"
“Lily” Grey

Pup # 8 Silver Male - Yellow Band
Shawna's Boy!
Pup #9

Pup # 9 - Charcoal  Bright Blue - Charcoal Male

Last photo

Who's got Shawna's puppy?
5-19-2012 Miley Pups 4 wks 019

Snuggles with one sweet charcoal female!

Time to sleep after puppy's first solid meal!

TWO WEEKS EARLIER - Miley's Pups -----------------------------
Pup # 2 - Red - Charcoal Female
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 00905-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 012
Pup # 3:  Charcoal Female - Purple
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 013
Pup # 4: Silver Male - Black band
Jennifer's Puppy - The quiet one!
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 016
Pup # 5: Charcoal Male - Orange:
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 017

Pup # 6: Charcoal Male - Brown
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 019Pup # 7:  Charcoal Female - Grey Band
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 020

Pup #8: Silver Male - Yellow
Shawna's boy!
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 022
Pup # 9: Bright Blue - Charcoal Male
05-12-12 Miley-Gracie pups 024Earlier Photos - Miley's Litter:
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 046
Pup # 1 - Green Ribbon : "Rush"
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 010

Pup # 2 Pink Ribbon -
changed to Grey band
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 029

Pup #3 Purple charcoal female
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 011

Pup #4 Black band - Silver male:
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 021

Pup #5 Orange band
Charcoal Male:

Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 027

Pup #6 Brown band -
Charcoal Male:
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 032

Pup #7 Was Hot Pink -
now Grey band - Charcoal Female:
First to have her eyes open!
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 030

Pup #8 - Yellow Band - Silver Male - As calm as they come!
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 016

Pup #9 Bright Blue Band - Charcoal Male
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 025
Miley 9 pups 4-23-12 at 14 days 009

The whole gang!

Miley 4-23-2012 Litter 291
RUSH Green Char male
Char Male Brown charfemale purple
Silver male Black

Char Female PINK

Silver boy - adopted!

David's charcoal female pup hot pink ribbon

Miley's Litter - 1 week later....................
Miley 5-1-12 litter of 9 014
Pup # 1 - Lt. Green Ribbon
Charcoal Male - "Rush"

Miley 5-1-12 litter of 9 018

Pup # 2 - Pink Ribbon
Charcoal Female

Miley 5-1-12 litter of 9 013
Pup # 3 - Purple Ribbon
Charcoal Female

Miley 5-1-12 litter of 9 011

Pup # 4 - Black Ribbon              Silver Male
Miley 5-1-12 litter of 9 012                          

Pup # 5 - Orange Ribbon 
Charcoal Male
Brown Ribbon Charcoal Male
Pup # 6 - Brown
Ribbon                          Charcoal Male

Hot Pink Char female

Pup # 7 - Hot Pink Ribbon      
Charcoal Female
yelllow ribbon silver male

Pup # 8 - Yellow Ribbon
Silver Male

Bright Blue Char male
Pup # 9 - Bright Blue Ribbon
Charcoal Male

More Puppies:


Never heard of a SILVER LAB?  They are NOT bred from WEIMERINERS - read more - left menu: The Silver Lab Controversy.
We breed selectively, which means there are only 1-2 litters per year.  This is done to preserve the and health of our females.
Sages las two pups 059

all adopted

Christmas 2010 Dad - Colby is a gorgeous charcoal male lab who sired this beautiful Christmas litter!

Colby - Dad edited

Christmas 2010 Mother: Sage is our 4 year old charcoal female lab - 
IMG 8959(2) edited


Missy's 4-week old pups walking!
Left to right: Hazel (green), Pink, Tara's girl (yellow), and Miles (red).
Charcoal & Silver Labrador Retrievers -


Part II:

Missy's Puppy Photos:

If you haven't seen a silver labrador yet, this is the place to be!
Thank you.

If you are seriously considering a puppy, please do not wait to fill out a CONTACT FORM. Then, call or email me. 'Pick order ' is determined at that time, by postmark date.
IMG 1325

Levi (left) and Gracie (right) resting!
Note:  If you have any concerns about the origin of a silver lab, please read the information on this site on the LEFT menu: The Silver Lab Controversy.  These dogs ARE NOT mixed with Weimeriners, rather they have a recessive gene carried by the chocolate lab.
IMG 0934

Gracie (mom) loves to swim in the pond and fetch the red ball!
IMG 0938
Gracie couldn't be happier in her new home!
IMG 0942
Panela and Gracie swimming together!

Jada - age 6 weeks!
IMG 0838Yippee! New Additions to our site:
1. Life's Abundance All Stage is now available to you. Go to Puppy Care& All Stage Dog Food Tab on the Left!
2. Flint River Food - coming soon - no preservatives either!

3. "Snuggle Puppies" - It is a stuffed puppy dog with heartbeat & a heater for your new pup - to calm litter loneliness and help everyone sleep through the night once you get your puppy home!  I will also place a scrap of the pink blanket where pups have slept for the past 8 weeks - inside the snuggle pup so it will smell like litter mates.

"Blue" - Age 6 weeks
IMG 0832


We breed silver and charcoal labrador puppies (the AKC registers silvers as chocolates and charcoals as blacks) and we are located in Rhode Island.  At Blue Diamond Breeding we provide high quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to answer your questions in order to help you make an informed decision around the purchase of your new labrador retriever puppy.  We regard this as a lifetime commitment and take pride in helping you locate your new friend.
Now that the President and his family have chosen a Portugese Water Dog, folks are looking for the same.  We would like to suggest a labrador loves the water too and is America's favorite breed for their calm and loyal temperament!
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
All of our dogs are fed all natural superior dog food and are given daily all natural human-grade vitamins.
Levi smiling

We are taking reservations for your puppy now! 

If interested please go to "Available Litters" on our Left Menu.

Our Sire, Levi age 3 months
                         The rare and beautiful blue diamond is reflected
                                 in the eyes of our silver lab puppy

Blue Carribean
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